Upgrade your

By only paying 8.33% to buy your DREAM CAR now.

Prorata Pitch On Shark Tank India Season 3

Thanks a ton to SHARKS Peyush Bansal and Anupam Mittal for driving us crazy with your support

We will surely revolutionise the way own and experience cars



How does it work ?

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We form a group of 4 - 12 co-owners in a 10 Km locality.

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As per your usage, buy
1-3 tickets of the 12 tickets
to partially own the car.

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RESERVE the dates on the Prorata app to use the car.

[1 ticket = 8.33 % ownership of the car = 30 days usage per year]

Why Prorata ?

You co-own with a trusted community of users.

You will get a full tank car at your doorstep and you have to return the full tank car to our driver.

It is a newly bought white plate car from the showroom.

You get the resale value at the end of 5 years.

It's a one-time
No loan! No EMI!

Prorata takes care of the service, maintenance & insurance of the car.

Let's compare Renting with
Co-owning a car!
Features Prorata Rent
Price X 5X
Convenient High Low
Quality High Low
Number Plate White Yellow
Recognition Own Rent

What is fractional car ownership?

Prorata App

Prorata App

Seamless reservation for convenience!

Equal distribution of weekends/holidays amongst all the co-owners!

Paperless experience as your car & personal documents can be accessed via app!

Prorata Pitch On Shark Tank India Season 3